Affordably Creative

We are a full-service studio and artist collaborative in the Twin Cities. We cater specifically to freelance digital media professionals like video producers, graphic designers, animators, cinematographers, photographers, and more! Our idea is pretty simple: We are freelancers supporting freelancers.

More than Just a Desk. We are a Community of Freelancers.

Green Screen

Our 25 ft. x 15 ft. green screen studio is available to rent. Your rental includes a basic lighting kit, access to our dressing room and conference room, and of course, free WiFi and good vibes.

Equipment Rental

 We offer a full suite of production equipment for daily and weekly rentals; including camera packages, lighting, and audio gear. Perfect for a run and gun operation, or something a little more substantial.

Professional Services

Our in-house team of creatives are skilled in all areas of production. If we aren’t the right fit, we’ll find you someone in our large network who is. We are ready to help tell your story.

Screening Room

This 20-seat private screening room features a 150-inch 4K Projector with Onkyo/Polk Audio 7.1 Surround Sound Speaker System, Streaming Service Player (must have your own subscription), and Playstation 4 with Blu-Ray Player. It’s the perfect event space for anything from a movie premiere to a big sports bowl game.

Collaborative Space

Even freelancers need a home (away from home) base. This 2000 sq. ft. coworking space is a little bit coffee shop, a little bit office, and a lot bit collaborative. And did we mention FREE parking!

Podcasting Studio

This user friendly podcast studio features 4 professional microphones and 4 HD cameras. No fuss. No muss. No editing required. When you’re done recording, it’s ready to upload. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my Studio (Green Screen) rental?
  • (2) 1000w Key Lights
  • (4) 480LED Dimmable Bi-Color Lights
  • 50 inch 4K HDMI Monitor
  • C-stands
  • Apple boxes (Full, Half, Quarter, and Pancake)
  • Coffee Maker (Conference Room)
  • Mini Fridge (Conference Room)
  • Clothes Rack (Dressing Room)
  • Steamer (Dressing Room)
What else do I need for my rental? (Contact us if you want to learn more about any of the following)
  • Crew (DP, Audio Engineer, Gaffer, Makeup Artist, PA)
  • Equipment (Cameras, Additional Lighting, Sound Gear, Tripod)
  • Green Treadmill ($100/day)
  • Teleprompter ($100/day)
  • Gaff Tape ($20/roll)
  • Catering
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We had an incredible experience shooting at Green Screen Studio for the first time. Both the facility and accommodations were top notch, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how smoothly things went. Thanks again for all of your assistance in making our production day the success that it was!.”

Todd Gross

I have used Green Screen Studio for workshops on a number of occasions and I’ve been very pleased. The space is clean, professionally set up and quiet. There is also easy parking which is a big bonus. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone, you won’t be disappointed.

Sara Wallace

A great facility with a really handy break room, dressing room, loading dock, and lounge area. The owners were super helpful and accommodating, and having some pre-lighting saved us a bunch of time.

CJ Renner